Meet The Pastor

pastorshamondShamond Scales is an anointed man of God who has been chosen for God’s Glory in this hour.  He is a servant, worshiper, prophet, pastor, father and a man after God’s own heart. Shamond Scales possesses the heart of God and a love for God’s people.


Shamond Scales is a native of Clarksville, Tennessee. He was anointed out of the ministry of Christ the Healer Church where Bishop Calvin Lockett is the Pastor. Pastor Scales has been preaching for 16 years and has traveled the United States and the world, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Scales is the Senior Pastor of Zion Church in Jackson, TN and has given up his leadership at Zion Church in Milan, TN to Elder Patrick Talley.


In addition to his preaching ministry, Shamond Scales is an accomplished singer, musician and songwriter. He has been featured as a vocalist on many major projects and is a celebrated and sought after songwriter on award-winning projects. Over the last couple years, Shamond has continues to write and sing new songs.